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Looking back at the history of denim we often wonder when and where did they become a trend? When it started was it a trend that we thought would make it like other short-lived fashion trends and if we thought that then how come the denim has moved past the phase of being type-casted as a trend and has now become a staple in our daily wardrobes, of every class, of every nationality? The denim is more like pajama today, the basic we all have in our wardrobes for casual bottom wear. But why? We at Emdee apparels with flagship branded clothing stores Bengaluru have stores of Benetton jeans and Pepe jeans Bangalore and know exactly what the emotion behind a good pair of well-fitted denim is. Let’s tell you what we think.


Yes, this is the foremost reason behind the success of denim and the reasons that a pair denims is found in each cupboard of every living being, irrespective of the age. They are super comfortable, look classy and are now available in different styles all through the year. The beauty of denim or rather the sensibility of the denim manufacturers now caters to the fact that type denim whether parallel denim or flared denim of skinny denim is now available all through the year irrespective the current style fad in denim. When comfort is the prime factor nothing else matters especially when it comes to denim and this is what is working today for denim makers and wearers as well.


The beauty of denim is that the demand and supply of denim have reached an equilibrium point, which means that they are now available at standard prices. These are prices that all can afford and are highly suitable for each occasion. Pricing is another factor that has made denim really popular, accessibility and affordability made the entry and the sustainability of denim on the fashion scene possible. Denim, depending on the brand that you purchase and the quality of the style you purchase may vary a little, but, otherwise an average they are more or less well priced.


When we buy a pair of denim although they might cost a little more than a regular pair of cotton trousers we don’t flinch. Why? This is because we know that they will last longer and that all you will have to do for their maintenance is wear them and then wash them and this goes on repeat mode forever until you are simply bored of it and want the pair no more. Denim doesn’t leave the wearer, the wearer leaves it. This makes denim the number one durable choice of clothing irrespective of age, sex, and other fashion preferences.

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