Most of us buy denims for rough, regular or everyday use. Quite often after using them mulitple times we realise that these denims that you bought, that are so dear to you, that fitted you so well are now tearing up or getting washed away. Also, in order to get the fit that we desire we often end up buying denims at a premium. We do not mind buying them at a high price also because we know that denims will last long and hence we don’t mind paying that extra price for it. Most of us buy good quality and long-lasting branded wear from denim stores in bangalore like levis collection in bangalore, pepe jeans in bangalore, etc. However, not very often do we have the money to keep spending on awesome denims and hence to safeguard your current pair, here are some tips to keep them fresh and going for long. Read on…

Wash them less

If you are into solid single mono colored denims without washed and distressed effects then you ought to make sure you wash them less. Washing them more will cause the color to fade over time. If you want a different look and effectively want a washed look then simply go for more washes but if you want to retain the freshness and the darkness of the existing color then wash less.

Read the Tag

This is another thing most people ignore. Kindly read the tag or the label attached to the back of your denim. These tags generally have washing instructions which most people don’t follow. Adherence to these washing rules might be able to help you retain the freshness of your denims. Most of the tags read cold water washes and tumble dry, so follow that.

Damp Iron

Dry ironing very often causes wear and tear and slits of the denims. We often suggest damp ironing. As the cloth is thicker a damp iron effectively works better in reducing the crinkles and the wrinkles on the cloth and at the same time it also reduces chances of wear and tear. Also, damp ironing adds more freshness to the look of the denim.

These are some essential tips from our end. However, we highly recommend using one ritual as a thumb rule when it comes to denims. Most of the time colour does not run off the denims but if you want to retain the same color at the point of purchase then put two spoons of salt in a bucket and drop in the denims for an hour or so and then wash them. This is a ritual to be followed before the first wash. Denims will always be a part of our wardrobes and to keep them well-fitted and fresh looking is not too tough if simple instructions are followed through the life journey of the jeans in your wardrobe.

What are your tips to keep the denims fresh? Share it in the comment section below.

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